Dungerons and Dragonings

The Story Thus Far
Catching Up

Deep in the libraries of Sowpimple Academy, an inquisitive gnome was in glaring violation of the hours of operation and diving headlong into the expansive library, gathering whatever knowledge he could get his tiny hands on. Wedged between two nondescript tomes of insignificance lay a small stone shard that clattered to the floor when Fizzlestumps pulled one of the books. He immediately recognized the shard has having an innate magical charm placed upon it, but could not for the life of him place the artifact or decipher its meaning. Knowing he’d be expelled if he was caught breaking the rules again, he chose to investigate the shard on his own instead of consulting with the professors.

Whispered rumor around the school told Fizzlestump of a druid who lived deep in the woods surrounding Waterdeep who dealt in items of curiosity and oddity and set out to have the mysterious Gava investigate the stone and determine it’s origin. Upon arrival at Gava’s hut, he found an imposing dragonborn, clad in dirty robes poking and prodding a seemingly normal monkey lashed to table while its monk companion lay stoned out of his gourd laid up against the wall. Fizzletump handed the stone shard to Gava and asked him to take a look and Gava was able to identify the stone as having an ancient draconic script, but it was only a small portion of what had to be a much larger slab. Gava’s contractor from Waterdeep, another gnome named Nanci, suggested they head to town so that one of her leads could take a look and provide a fresh point of view on the shard.

After the wholesale slaughter of a family of snakes, the group arrived in Waterdeep and holed up in a tavern waiting for Nanci’s lead to contact them. A disembodied hand made contact with Nanci and summoned them into the city sewer where they were nearly eaten by a giant crocodile. Tang’s monkey did not survive the encounter, but his remnants were preserved and brought along with the group. The hand lead them to a large, darkended chamber where an unseen being which called itself “Eyes” told them to seek out Candlekeep, a source of immense knowledge and learning as their sages would be able to determine the source of the shard.

The next morning the group made for the airship docks and hired a captain to transit them to Candlekeep, funded on Gava’s gambling winnings from the night before. Prior to their dpearture an elderly man asked them to take a package to Candlekeep for him as he was too frail to make the passage. Fizzlestumps took the package and agreed to deliver it.

During the journey, the airship was attacked by hipogryph-mounted cultists who demanded the group turn over the item they were carrying. At battle ensued and the cultists were driven off the ship. As the Captain righted the airship and calmed down the crew, the group could see the spires of Candlekeep starting to pop up on the horizon.

Candlekeep on truckin'
The group fucks up

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